Sweet Baby Girl Photos

Sweet Baby Girl Photos

Meeting a newborn for the first time is so amazing. There isn’t anything more special than holding a baby and realizing how new everything is for the little one and their family. From first yawns, first smiles and first pictures, everything is brand new. Most of the little ones I photograph come back every few months over their first year of life. Meeting these adorable babies for the first time and knowing how much fun it’s going to be to watch them grow over the next year is priceless. I get just as excited now as I did when I started photographing newborns over 6 years ago.

I always talk to my new parents before the shoot to work out all of the details of their session. I love adding props and making requests come to life with each client. Whether it be something as simple as using specific colors they like, to something more detailed like incorporating a favorite item or special prop with the session.

This sweet baby girl was little but mighty. Weighing only 5lbs when she came to see me, she was one of the smallest newborns I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. She was absolutely perfect. Gia’s middle name is Rosina. She was named after her grandmother Rose. So, mom asked for me to find a way to incorporate roses into her session, as well as sunflowers for Gia’s father. It’s special touches like these that really make a session go from good to great.  Part of being a newborn photographer is helping to really capture this fleeting time in a special way for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Here are a few of my favorite sweet baby girl photos.


Baby girl alseep in bowl with flowers below at Photography by Lindsay Martinsburg WV studio.Sweet baby girl photos of newborn alseep on cream wooden bed with a vase of roses next to her. Newborn girl asleep in tin bucket with sunflowers next to her while at Photography by Lindsay Martinsburg WV studio.Close up image of dad holding his newborn girl in his arms while she sleeps.Two images of baby girl swaddled in purple knit wrap and asleep in wooden crate while at Photography by Lindsay studio.Birds eye view of baby girl wearing white lace romper and asleep on yellow blanket. Newborn girl alseep in cream wooden bowl with pink layers and pink romper while at photography by Lindsay studio. Close up image of newborn girl wrapped in peach knit wrap and asleep on a peach flokati rug. Newborn girl wearing white lace romper and asleep on her tummy on a yellow blanket.

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Natasha Wiening Photography - What a beautiful baby girl! You have chosen the perfect, soft colours for her! Perfect in every way x

Emma - Oh my what an amazing baby session, these images are just all divine!

Lauren - She is so precious! The image of her dad holding her is amazing! Gorgeous work.

Kandi - I love her namesake and how you incorporated the flowers for her family! I think my favorite one is dad holding his sweet baby girl! It showcases how truly tiny she is against his big hands and stature. Beautiful work my friend!!

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