Professional Newborn Photos

Professional Newborn Photos From her head to her toes she was absolutely perfect; a dream for me to photograph. I love meeting new parents and creating such a special experience for them. It’s an honor, creating priceless moments that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. I’m often asked when is the best […]

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Katie - Gahhhh!!! These images are absolutely STUNNING!! I love all the setups! And I can’t even handle the little bed. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS work!

Kandi - Such amazing information to go on when getting ready to book a newbirn session. I love that there is no need to have to purchase expensive outfits. Your clients are so blessed you have everything on hand ! Beautiful work !

KRYSTAL SANDEFUR - This is great information! and beautiful images!

Shannon Payne - I love the information that you shared in this post. I know parents always ask me how I schedule newborns, and this is exactly what I do as well. Your pictures are beautiful.

Courtney - Great post! Full of great and much needed info! Beautiful images as well!

Melissa - You captured this sweet family perfectly

Unique First Birthday Pictures

Unique First Birthday Pictures When mom contacted me for this little guy’s first birthday session, I couldn’t believe a year had passed already! I try not to have favorites with my clients, but this little guy has always been an absolute pleasure to photograph. Little Quentin has come to see me every three months over […]

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Lauren Vredeveld - He is such a handsome little guy with the best hair! I LOVE that you did a donut theme for his first birthday. Gorgeous images, you captured his personality perfectly!

Shannon Payne - I LOVE the donut smash! I’ve been dying to do one! The fact that he loves them is too cute. And speaking of cute… how cute is this little guy?!? Those long blonde locks and blue eyes are going to steal some hearts.

Kandi - What a handsome little guy! Those eyes are going to melt some hearts! I think this is the most unique 1st birthday session I have seen ! You are so creative and your work is beautiful!! Love this session!

Linda - How could he not be a favorite…. this little one’s gentle and yet big inquiring eyes and the cow lick! He is a beauty and the Donut Grow Up theme is so cute. Great job.

Courtney - This session is absolutely amazing!!! I love each and every setup…and the Donut grow up is so clever! Beautiful work!

Natasha Wiening Photography - Only one and so much hair, not to mention how cute this baby boy is! Love his shots and the colour pallet you have chosen for him.

Cute Baby Girl Photos

Cute Baby Girl Photos   A new baby is one of the most precious blessing in this world. From their tiny toes and fingers to their chubby cheeks, and many squishy rolls, They are perfect. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy photographing these sweet newborns that come to my studio. […]

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Kandi - It is so evident in your work how much you love your job. Every image has so much attention to detail, not a hair out of place. I love following you work!!

Kandi - It is so evident in your work how much you love what you do! Every single image is just pure perfection! I’m in awe of your photography!!

Katie - I love the variety of set ups! What a beautiful baby girl. Gorgeous work!

Sweet Baby Girl Photos

Sweet Baby Girl Photos Meeting a newborn for the first time is so amazing. There isn’t anything more special than holding a baby and realizing how new everything is for the little one and their family. From first yawns, first smiles and first pictures, everything is brand new. Most of the little ones I photograph […]

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Natasha Wiening Photography - What a beautiful baby girl! You have chosen the perfect, soft colours for her! Perfect in every way x

Emma - Oh my what an amazing baby session, these images are just all divine!

Lauren - She is so precious! The image of her dad holding her is amazing! Gorgeous work.

Kandi - I love her namesake and how you incorporated the flowers for her family! I think my favorite one is dad holding his sweet baby girl! It showcases how truly tiny she is against his big hands and stature. Beautiful work my friend!!

Newborn Baby Boy Photos

Newborn Baby Boy Photos I am beyond excited to introduce everyone to Baby Nate! This little guy is the little one of an awesome family. He has two older sisters both whom I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since they were one. They are the sweetest family and I haven’t a doubt in my mind […]

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Shannon Payne - Nate is such a cutie! Your poses and editing are just perfection. They really show of what a beautiful baby he is. Great job!

Natasha Wiening Photography - Your newborn images are always so crisp, clean and beautifully edited!! Stunning photography as always!

Kandi - Baby Nate is adorable and you have captured him perfectly! I swoon every time I see one of your images! What a lucky family to have your artwork! Beautiful work my friend!!

Natasha Wiening Photography - Just adorable! I love your newborn style!

Emma - Gorgeous baby boy, love these images!

Lauren - Such a handsome little guy. I’m loving all of the different blues you used.