Sweet Baby Girl Photos

Sweet Baby Girl Photos Meeting a newborn for the first time is so amazing. There isn’t anything more special than holding a baby and realizing how new everything is for the little one and their family. From first yawns, first smiles and first pictures, everything is brand new. Most of the little ones I photograph […]

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Natasha Wiening Photography - What a beautiful baby girl! You have chosen the perfect, soft colours for her! Perfect in every way x

Emma - Oh my what an amazing baby session, these images are just all divine!

Lauren - She is so precious! The image of her dad holding her is amazing! Gorgeous work.

Kandi - I love her namesake and how you incorporated the flowers for her family! I think my favorite one is dad holding his sweet baby girl! It showcases how truly tiny she is against his big hands and stature. Beautiful work my friend!!

Newborn Baby Boy Photos

Newborn Baby Boy Photos I am beyond excited to introduce everyone to Baby Nate! This little guy is the little one of an awesome family. He has two older sisters both whom I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since they were one. They are the sweetest family and I haven’t a doubt in my mind […]

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Shannon Payne - Nate is such a cutie! Your poses and editing are just perfection. They really show of what a beautiful baby he is. Great job!

Natasha Wiening Photography - Your newborn images are always so crisp, clean and beautifully edited!! Stunning photography as always!

Kandi - Baby Nate is adorable and you have captured him perfectly! I swoon every time I see one of your images! What a lucky family to have your artwork! Beautiful work my friend!!

Natasha Wiening Photography - Just adorable! I love your newborn style!

Emma - Gorgeous baby boy, love these images!

Lauren - Such a handsome little guy. I’m loving all of the different blues you used.

Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Cake Smash Photo Shoot I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this little guy… and his entire family for that matter. I’ve photographed his big sister since she was a newborn; and now she’s four! I also photographed this handsome little fella as a newborn and now, here we are celebrating […]

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Anna - Haha, I love the flipped over cake at the end!

Emma - What a beautiful boy he is, you could swim in those deep soulful eyes! Captured perfectly Lindsay!

Kandi - Jack’s eyes are going to melt some hearts…or maybe they already do!!! Your clients are so lucky you have props and outfits for them to use. Such great images, his family will cherish these for a lifetime. Great work my friend!!

Linda - What a service you provide for your families. Your time, talent and style are so valuable and adds so much more to each session, especially for a busy mom with a toddler. I love the images of him getting into his cake. He is a really cute baby boy.

Sweet Baby Boy Photos

Sweet Baby Boy Photos The title of this blog describes this session perfectly. Sweet baby boy photos. This little guy really was the sweetest. He was wide awake for the first bit of his session. I guess he didn’t’ want to miss anything. After awhile, he finally succumbed to the heavy eyelids and long yawns. […]

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Kandi - I have to agree with you ….. he is the sweetest little guy! Such a beautiful family and you can tell he is there pride and joy. Gorgeous images!

Lauren - Every single image is just perfect! He is such a sweet little boy, beautiful work.

Shannon Payne - Gosh he’s a cutie! I love the grays and blues! Your poses are always flawless. Love it all!

Anna - Holy stunning images! Beautiful work. Mom and Dad are so lucky to have you to capture these images for them!

Kandi - Lindsay, the second I see your images come across my fed I am know it is your work! Your style is so amazing. I love following you and I could be one of your biggest fans! Girl, keep the gorgeous images coming!!!

Emma Hutchinson - Absolutely stunning images Lindsay!

Linda - Your taste in props, colors and setups for your newborns are timeless. This beautiful family couldn’t go wrong hiring you!

Baby Boy Birthday Photos

Baby Boy Birthday Photos I’d like to introduce everyone to a very handsome and sweet baby boy. Jack turned one and decided to celebrate at my studio with a cake smash session. I love these sessions because most of my first year clients came to me as newborns. So, seeing how much they have grown […]

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Anna - He is too cute! How is he only One? He looks so grown up and sophisticated!

Shannon Payne - What a handsome little guy! He looks like he had a blast at his session. I love all of his outfits!

Linda - Handsome is right. the softness of his smile and the slight sparkle in his eyes, I want to keep him. What a blessing for you to watch little ones grow over the year, we get to also following your beautiful work.

Kandi - Jack is so handsome! What an adorable smile and gorgeous eyes! He is going to win over some hearts with those beautiful browns. You have the best props and outfits for all your clients and they are so lucky to have you as their photographer! Great session!

Lauren - He is such a doll, and his smile is so contagious!

Melissa - I love the expressions and little outfits you used. What an amazing set of images. SO perfect.