Baby Girl Photo Shoot

Baby Girl Photo Shoot What can I say about this sweet baby girl? She was perfect! Her dark hair and chubby cheeks were so sweet. She was an absolute doll. I’m sure Miss Tenley has stolen the hearts of her family…including her two big sisters! Here are a few of my favorite shots from her […]

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Amy Sample - these are so beautiful! Love the flowers and the girly/timeless details. LOVE!

Kandi Anderson - What a chubby little doll!!! I am in love with your work! I love every single image.

Lisa Millerick - Wow – this is just stunning. And what a beautiful and precious baby girl. Fantastic work…

Baotran - She looks so peaceful, most of loved all your cuddles!

Linda - This session is lovely…. I think every image says artist. They are so pretty and filled with little girl elegance

N Wiening Photography LTD - You have created a true princess!!! I love these photographs, this newborn is too beautiful for words!

Tracey Smith - Oh Lindsay, these are absolutely stunning. I just love them all!!! Such expert posing, beautiful colours. Crisp, clear images. Well done!!!

Newborn Girl Photo Shoot

Newborn Girl Photo Shoot I just love photographing baby girls. There are so many colors, props and hair ties to use. The options are endless. Mom asked for purple to be used throughout this session. One of my favorite colors! This sweet little one must have really been happy with the choice of colors as […]

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Lisa Millerick - What wonderful newborn photos. I love the mix of colors used here. Mom and dad must be absolutely thrilled with these. Awesome work.

Natasha Wiening Photography - Your newborn photography never disappoints! Each image is simply stunning!! I love following your work!

Kandi - Your work is flawless and stunning ! You offer such gorgeous props for your clients. Great job!

Kim - Beautiful work. Love the color palette your chose.

Linda - You really did get precious images of this newborn baby. I love her chub, nothing cuter! Lucky for you to get to use a color you love for her session props and she looks perfect in lavender with her dark hair. Really pretty images.

Lara - Heavenly squish!!!! Love the cheeks and the rolls. What a yummy, beautiful baby girl. Great job Lindsay

Baotran - Wow, what a beautiful set of images! I love her perfect squishy features!

Milana - Awwww!!! This baby is just too precious!!! Love all the poses and props! Such a great session 🙂

Amy Sample - She is so perfect in purple! Love all the cute little squishy poses!!!

Melissa - gorgeous work

Martinsburg Newborn Photographer

Martinsburg Newborn Photographer I just love watching first time parents walk into my studio with their adorable new arrivals! The way they dote over their little one with so much love. It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that I’ve been chosen to document this special moment for their family. I really do have to pinch […]

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Milana - Awww what a precious baby! You’ve captured his newborn session perfectly! I’m sure his parents are over the moon!

N Wiening Photography LTD - What a gorgeous baby boy. You are right, you have an incredible job and you are so good at it too ;o)
Newborn photography is always treasured!

Lisa Millerick - This is just a beautiful newborn gallery. He looks so cozy and peaceful. I just love your work. Well done

Kandi Anderson - I absolutely adore your newborn photography! He is adorable and you have captured evey image perfectly! Great job.

Lara - Love your classic colors here. Navy and gray are my favorites. What an adorable little man. OMG he is precious.

Milana - Such a sweet baby! Love his smile in the crate, perfect capture!!!

melissa - perfection!

Linda - Your images are so good! Every image is styled, posed and captured in a way that focuses on the baby and yet is so rich. Nice work.

Lana - Great work – posing, lighting, editing – baby is gorgeous !!

Newborn Baby Boy Pictures

Newborn Baby Boy Pictures Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2017 is a wonderful year for all of you. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to meeting so many new little ones this year. From their tiny fingers and toes, to their chubby cheeks, I absolutely love meeting and photographing all of […]

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Kandi Anderson - What a beautiful family! You have cpatured them perfectly.You really are so incredibly talented and I love seeing your work.

Linda - This little one is handsome. Love the mom and baby shot and your images for this family are stunning! Your area is fortunate to have you capturing newborns.

Lisa Millerick - These are just so sweet – I absolutely adore how boy-ish and simple these are. The family will cherish these for years to come 🙂

Amy Sample - Oh he is such a gorgeous little boy! What a great session! Love all the blues!

Milana - Awww! He’s SOOO precious!!! What a beautiful newborn session! I’m sure his parents are thrilled! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Kim - Beautiful gallery!!!! Love you work.

Lara - This little man has the best lips!!! OMG so yummy. Beautiful family and gallery

Newborn Girl Pictures

Newborn Girl Pictures When you think of baby girls, you think of pink. Yes! The two definitely go hand and hand. However, sometimes it’s refreshing when mom and dad opt for pink, but also ask for neutral earth tones as well. These are always some of my favorite set-ups to create. Going with neutral tones […]

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Kim - Love every one of these images!!! Love following your work as well. Mommy is going to have a very hard time choosing from her gallery!! She’s going to want them all <3
Here's wishing you an amazing and blessed 2017 🙂

Kandi Anderson - A girl in pink is hard to resist! But you have proven they can wear every color under the sun! Every session you offer is stunning!

Lisa Millerick - She is so very adorable. This is a beautiful gallery filled with variety and timeless and classic portraiture. I just love everything about it.

Linda - She is such a beautiful newborn. I love the rich colors and tones you used – really pretty session.

Milana - What a super sweet newborn session! Love all of your posing and the gorgeous outfits and wraps! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing Lindsay 🙂

Natasha Wiening Photography - You are such a talented newborn photographer! I love your work!!!!

Lara - I love earth tones too!! But I love pinks, pastels and vibrant colors……. Impossible to pick a favorite. These are just adorable. Great gallery

Baotran - I just love that green set up, so gorgeous!

Sara Marcellino - What a wonderful variety and beautiful collection of images! Beautiful baby too!

Amy Sample - Love all the sweet vintage details and outfits!