Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer

Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer What’s more exciting than a newborn coming to my studio? How about a newborn coming to my studio with great hair! I just love when I get little ones who either have a lot of hair, or have hair with a lot of personality. This little guy’s adorable mane was definitely […]

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Kandi Anderson - Not only does he have great hair….. but I think he has perfect lips, too! What a sweet baby. I love how you offer clients to bring in something special that has value and meaning to them. Beutuilf images!

Linda - This baby boy is so handsome. I love how squishy and content he looks in every image. Wonderful that you incorporated the rugs that his grandmothers made.

N Wiening Photography LTD - WOW!!What a great set of newborn photographs. I just love all the sweet props you offer and you are an expert at posing all these babies! Well done!

C'est l'Amour Photography - Beautiful baby boy! I just love all the details you added! Super sweet! 😀

Shannon Payne - His hair, his chubby cheeks, what a dream baby! You have so many amazing poses for him. I love the potato sack pose and the tiny feet shot. Great work!

Martinsburg Baby Girl Photo Session

Martinsburg Baby Girl Photo Session I love so many things about newborn sessions. From meeting the new parents, who are over the moon with their new addition, to designing each set up to match mom and dad’s style. Also, I get to have snuggle time with these sweet little ones. With Photography by Lindsay as […]

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Kandi Anderson - Miss Scarlett is an absolute doll!! Your clients are so lucky to have your talent in your community! I love how you to customize each session. Your posing is top notch! Great job Lindsay!

Shannon Payne - I love all of the textures and outfits that you used for her session. She is beautiful and these pictures are so sweet and girly!

Linda - Every image is so tastefully designed with delicate, timeless props. This family will cherish that they chose you to capture their baby. Beautiful work Lindsay.

C'est l'Amour Photography - Oh goodness what a sweetheart!Mom and Dad must be thrilled with these stunning images of their baby girl!

Emma Hutchinson - Lindsay these images are amazing, what a beautiful little doll you have captured lifetime memories of!

Baby Photographer Leesburg

Baby photographer Leesburg This little guy was such a treat to meet. Not only was he a wonderful little sleeper, he brought along an amazing big brother to his sessions. Mom and Dad sure are lucky to have two adorable little boys in their family. I can only imagine the fun these two are going […]

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Kandi Anderson - Wow, what a beautiful family! You have captured some gorgeous images of all of them. Great job, Lindsay.Love following your work.

Lauren V Photography - He is too precious! Those family photos are beautiful – I love the one with the dad and baby boy. I can feel how much love he has for his newest son.

Milana Photography - You are so extremely talented Lindsay! Love all of the gorgeous posing and props. And the photo with the dad just melted my heart! Such a sweet family, thanks for sharing with us :

N Wiening Photography LTD - You always created the sweetest newborn photographs. I absolutely love all of them! Stunning as always x

Emma Hutchinson - What a darling baby boy you have captured, beautiful images!

Linda - The whole family is beautiful. I love the sweet images you have created for them. They will be treasured for years!

Shannon Payne - This is such a beautiful session. Beautiful family and so many perfect poses!

C'est l'Amour Photography - Such a sweet baby on blue and grey! What a sweet memory for this family!

Baotran - Such a handsome little guy! I love the color you choose so perfect!

Hagerstown Baby Photographer

Hagerstown Baby Photographer Hello world! Meet Miss Nora Penelope! I absolutely adore this little one’s name. She was 9 days of pure perfection. When you think about newborn photography, most people say it’s easy because they sleep all of the time. While that is somewhat true, these little ones do sleep quite a bit. It’s […]

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Shannon Payne - I LOVE her name! These poses and colors are just perfect!

Kandi Anderson - I love her name! She is such a beautiful baby. It is so evident in your work that you are a professional newborn photographer that has extensive training. Such an eye for detail too! Love following your blog.

Emma Hutchinson - So beautiful, you have captured this angel perfectly Linda! Love your huge variety of set ups for each session!

Anna - Oh my heart, I adore her name too! The sage and white set up is so adorable. Your work is amazing!

Milana Photography - Ohhh my Goodness!! How precious! I loooove the one with the 2 brothers, I sure hope the parents print a HUUUUGE wallart of that image. Everything is perfect 🙂

N Wiening Photography LTD - You surprise me time and time again with your talent. These newborn images are perfect in every way possible!

Linda - Every way you posed her is perfection and the soft, yet rich colors are so pleasing to the eye. This family will treasure that they selected you to capture their little angel.

Toi - These are beautiful! That soft green is perfect for her!!

Lauren - That image of her with her older brother it’s perfection!!! I wish I had a beautiful image like that of my boys. Amazing job!

Baotran - I love all the colors you used in the newborn session! Big brother looks over the moon about his new little sister, too cute!

Jennifer - These are so adorable! What a sweet baby!!!

C'est l'Amour Photography - I love how you offer SO many different options to Mom and Dad! What a great gallery with so much variety! Beautiful!

First Birthday Photography

First Birthday Photography When a client contacts me for a first birthday photography session, I get so excited. Aside from newborn photography, photographing little ones up to their first year is among my favorite types of sessions. Especially if the one year old came to me as a newborn as well. It’s really great to […]

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Lara - OH MY GOSH!!!!! She is just the prettiest little girl!! What incredible shots. Mom must have bawled her eyes out when she saw them!

Jennifer - Omg!!! I cannot handle the cuteness here!!! Adorable!!

C'est l'Amour Photography - Oh wow! I love all the options you offered Mom! Her eyes are just stunning! Beautiful work!

Linda - Goodness, this is the prettiest little girl! She really enjoyed being in front of your camera and I’m sure mom is struggling with deciding on her images…. So many beautiful choices!

Shannon Payne - What a beautiful baby girl! Her eyes are stunning!

N Wiening Photography LTD - WOW!!! Isn’t this the prettiest little girl ever! Look at her eyes! You have captured her beautifully, her family must be thrilled with the results!

Kandi Anderson - What a difference a year makes…she is so adorable and has the most beautiful eyes! You have captured so many gorgeous images.

Lauren - Oh my! She is beyond adorable! I love everything about her sessions ❤️

Anna - Aww, these colors are so sweet and she is so gorgeous! It’s so amazing when they start walking!

Lyn Parker - OMG! These are so adorable!!!

Baotran - I love all the facial expressions you captured, so adorable! They are so lucky to have gotten you to capture these special moments!

Emma Hutchinson - What a darling little girl, you’ve captured her perfectly!