Pregnancy Portraits

Pregnancy Portraits Want to know what’s one regret that I have? Not getting pregnancy portraits. When I was expecting, (way back when!) it didn’t seem like pregnancy portraits were really a big deal. That’s changed quite a bit over the years and now I’m asked all of the time for maternity sessions. In fact I’m […]

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Kandi - Such a beautiful couple! Your work is outstanding. I wish maternity photos was a thing when I was pregnant, too ! I love how young couples document that special milestone in their family. It shows children just how loved they are from the start !!

Natasha Wiening Photography - What a great idea to do mini sessions. Most mums just want a couple of stunning pregnancy photos to remember their beautiful bump and then want to primarily focus on the baby when he/she arrives. Even though this was a mini session, there were still a lot of stunning images to choose from!!! Love your work !!

Cute Baby Boy Photos

Cute Baby Boy Photos If you’re looking for cute baby boy photos, you’ve come to the right place! This little guy was the absolute sweetest. He had me a little worried at first during his session. It appeared he was going to stay up and party with me.  However, once we swaddled him up and […]

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Katie - These images are absolutely PRECIOUS!! I love the lighting and the style of each image! These are parents are so lucky to have a photographer like you to capture the sweetness.

Shannon Payne - He is so cute, his family is beautiful, and your posing is perfection! Great work!

Natasha Wiening Photography - Your newborn images are simply STUNNING! The colours are so vibrant and your photographs are so crisp, amazing in every way!

Linda - What a beautiful family! Your gallery is full of gorgeous images for their family to choose from. It would be hard to narrow done, hope they go big!

Professional Newborn Pictures

Professional Newborn Pictures Professional newborn pictures are not only a time to capture your newest arrival but also the entire family as well. I first met this adorable family in 2017 for when I photographed their first born as a newborn. Baby Jacob is now a big brother and I had the best time photographing […]

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Katie - These are absolutely gorgeous!! You make great points and your clients are so lucky to have you to capture all their moments!

Kandi - What a beautiful family! You have captured some gorgeous images for this family! Such great advise when selecting a professional newborn photographer . Love your work m, Lindsay.

Krystal Sandefur - That has to be the happiest sibling shot ever!! So beautiful Lindsay! Great work as always.

Shannon Payne - I love your use of creams! The colors are so beautiful. I LOVE that they came back to you for baby #2!

Maternity Pictures

Maternity Pictures When I have clients contact me for maternity pictures, I always get so excited. It means I get more time to spend with a client before their little one arrives. This is always such an exciting time. Maternity sessions are not only a time to document such a special moment in a couples […]

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Krystal - Oh my goodness!! That hair!! These are beautiful. You captured this family and their sweet baby perfectly!

Linda - I kept saying… this one is my favorite… until I saw the next image! Goodness what a beautiful baby and you have captured her perfectly.

Shannon Payne - Lindsay, they must be SO in love! This pictures are amazing!!!! I love all of the colors and poses, and their maternity session is beautiful too! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Kandi - Lindsay, every single image is just perfection! Love the location of the maternity session, such a beautiful couple! Their baby is absolutely stunning!!! My goodness that hair !!! Beautiful work as usual my friend!!

Professional Newborn Photos

Professional Newborn Photos From her head to her toes she was absolutely perfect; a dream for me to photograph. I love meeting new parents and creating such a special experience for them. It’s an honor, creating priceless moments that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. I’m often asked when is the best […]

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Katie - Gahhhh!!! These images are absolutely STUNNING!! I love all the setups! And I can’t even handle the little bed. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS work!

Kandi - Such amazing information to go on when getting ready to book a newbirn session. I love that there is no need to have to purchase expensive outfits. Your clients are so blessed you have everything on hand ! Beautiful work !

KRYSTAL SANDEFUR - This is great information! and beautiful images!

Shannon Payne - I love the information that you shared in this post. I know parents always ask me how I schedule newborns, and this is exactly what I do as well. Your pictures are beautiful.

Courtney - Great post! Full of great and much needed info! Beautiful images as well!

Melissa - You captured this sweet family perfectly