Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

Leesburg VA Baby Photographer Every time a new parent chooses me to photograph such a special time in their life, it really makes me smile. It’s not a task I take lightly. From working out the colors of the session, to the poses, and of course making sure that baby is safe and comfortable throughout […]

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N Wiening Photography LTD - Your babies always seems so comfortable, you can totally see you love what you do and and take your job seriously…this is why you over achieve time and time again. Gorgeous art!

Linda - Each image I decided was my favorite as I scrolled through this blog. Such a gift you had at creating a soft pallet of colors to showcase how tiny and perfect each baby is.

Shannon Payne - What a beautiful baby! Your setups are all so great, I don’t know how to pick a favorite. I love the rainbow you incorporated for mom, and baby girl looks so gorgeous in the pink blankets. Love these all!

Milana Photography - What a beautiful session! Love all of the gorgeous poses and props. You are incredibly talented!!!

Kandi Anderson - So many beautiful and timeless images captured for this family! Mom and dad are going to love every single one. Such a sweet and dainty little one.

Winchester Virginia Newborn Photographer

Winchester Virginia Newborn Photographer I’d like to introduce you to baby Graham! He was the sweetest little thing and made a perfect model for me. He was sleepy for his entire session and even brought along his two adorable big sisters to the session. The youngest of Graham’s sisters was actually a newborn client of […]

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Linda - The girls do look like they are in love with their baby. He is a lucky little guy to have a them. You captured him in such rich colors and textures, I can see why this family wanted to return and have great images of their little one from you.

Kandi - What a beautiful session! Graham is a cutie and has a gorgeous family! His big sisters look so proud. Great job on this session, it’s such a joy to follow your blog!

N Wiening Photography LTD - How sweet. Every mothers dream is to have a beautiful photograph of their children together and you have given her just that! Really lovely, all of them!

Milana Photography - Ohhh my Goodness! I just can’t get over all of the cuteness!!! WOW! The 3 kids together is perfection, especially the last one. I love every single pose and prop and love the family photos too! You did an incredible job!!

Shannon Payne - What a gorgeous baby boy. I love his name! He family is going to be so in love with all of these beautiful images.

Martinsburg Baby Girl Photos

Martinsburg Baby Girl Photos This little lady was the sweetest! I just loved all of her hair and those adorable little cheeks. Mom let me handle picking the colors for her session, which made me especially excited because I just knew yellow was going to have to be used. This yellow romper is one of […]

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N Wiening Photography LTD - Aaaw this baby girl is too precious and I love all the clothes you have chosen for her. I just love your newborn photography!

Lauren - Oh my sweetness! Beautiful images, I love them all. Well done <3

Kandi Anderson - Oh, my gosh! The colors you selected are perfect! Just like this sweet little one you have captured so perfectly! Your clients are so lucky you provide every little prop, outfit, and headband! What a huge savings that is for them.

Linda - I see why you were excited to make the selections for her session, this yellow onsie is stunning on her. The props you provide for your sessions are gorgeous, what a blessing for a new parent.

Lara Greenwood - I think you made the perfect choice!! I just love yellow it looks amazing on her and I think it is such a happy color! Mom must be thrilled.

Baotran - I absolutely love the yellow flower set up, she is beautiful!

Shannon - What gorgeous shots! I love how much variety of color you used! Mom must be beyond thrilled!

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session A first birthday photo session is among one of my favorite sessions to photograph. Especially if the little one I’m photographing came to me as a newborn. This sweet little lady holds a special place in my heart, as I had the pleasure of photographing her 6 times throughout her first […]

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Linda - Her big brown eyes melt me… then you add in that little smile and dimples, bam!! It’s the cutest combo. I love the crispy beauty of your images!

C'est l'Amour Photography - HER expressions make me so happy! I just adore how happy she is! Such a beautiful gallery! So many great captures!

N Wiening Photography LTD - What a stunning set of images to celebrate this little girls first birthday. Great job, I absolutely love them!

Lauren - Your work is absolutely stunning! Beautiful cake smash setup, those colors are gorgeous together.

Kandi Anderson - Oh, that smile is going to capture some hearts! AND..those eyes will melt your heart. She is so beautiful. I love following your blog, you inspire me!

Milana Photography - Oh my! She’s absolutely precious! And those eyes are so captivating, wow! I love that you photographed her when she was a baby and as she grew up, it’s so special!

Lara - How lucky are you to have seen this adorable dimpled little one 6 times in her first year! I just love this gallery.

Baotran - I adore the colours of this cake smash! So cute! You captured so many different emotions from her!

Rockabye Photography - oH My Gosh! These are just darling! I LOVE the birthday setup especially! What cute colors. <3

Gabrielle Butler - Thank you for capturing so many precious memories of my sweet baby. Your talent is phenomenal. Can’t wait to come back with her little future siblings ❤️

Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer

Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer What’s more exciting than a newborn coming to my studio? How about a newborn coming to my studio with great hair! I just love when I get little ones who either have a lot of hair, or have hair with a lot of personality. This little guy’s adorable mane was definitely […]

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Kandi Anderson - Not only does he have great hair….. but I think he has perfect lips, too! What a sweet baby. I love how you offer clients to bring in something special that has value and meaning to them. Beutuilf images!

Linda - This baby boy is so handsome. I love how squishy and content he looks in every image. Wonderful that you incorporated the rugs that his grandmothers made.

N Wiening Photography LTD - WOW!!What a great set of newborn photographs. I just love all the sweet props you offer and you are an expert at posing all these babies! Well done!

C'est l'Amour Photography - Beautiful baby boy! I just love all the details you added! Super sweet! 😀

Shannon Payne - His hair, his chubby cheeks, what a dream baby! You have so many amazing poses for him. I love the potato sack pose and the tiny feet shot. Great work!