Custom Baby Photography

There are a lot of options when looking for newborn photos. However, if you’re looking for custom baby photography, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s be honest… There are a ton of local photographers in your area. They really are popping up all over the place. When it comes to family or senior photography, […]

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Kandi - I agree, there are photographs on every street corner. But to find a professional that has been trained is not very common. It’s obvious you are a skilled and trained photographer. What a sweet family . Big brother looks so proud. Beautiful work my friend!

Agnieszka - Beautiful work

Christie Adams Design - These are gorgeous!!! Congrats to the family on their newest member!!!

One Year Photo Sessions

You’ve done it! You’ve survived your little one’s first year and now you’re ready for his/her one year photo session. The snuggles, the giggles, the sleepless nights… now it’s time to celebrate one of the biggest milestones your little one will have; the end of their first year! I love these sessions. Even though most […]

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Kandi - Happy birthday little One! She is a little doll. So many milestones to celebrate for the first year. Love all your sets up.

Agnes - The cake smash is one of my favorite, I love the colors

JoAnna Robbins - Oh my gosh what a perfect birthday session! I love all it! The outfits, the setup, the cake, and of course the beautiful little girl!

Christie Adams Design - What a sweetie!! Happy birthday to her!!

Leesburg,VA Best Newborn Photographer

When searching for Leesburg, Virginia’s Best Newborn Photographer, I hope Photography by Lindsay is what comes up. I am a photographer based in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. I specialize in newborn photography. Newborn photography is a specialized type of photography. After all, they are only newborns for the first two weeks of arrival. What […]

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Emily - This red hair is just the cutest! I bet his parents love these newborn photos so much.

Christie Adams - I love all of these portraits and that little outfit is too cute!!!

Kandi - Lindsay, your work is so beautiful and I love following your blog ! People in your area are so lucky to have a skilled and trained newborn photographer. Beautiful work !

Agnes - This is stunning, I love this little boy gallery, You did amazing job

JoAnna Robbins - What an absolutely perfect session! This is so gorgeous, and I know the parents will treasure these always!

Newborn Photographer Near Me?

When you are searching for a newborn photographer in your area, I would love nothing more than for you to see my name come up and for you to see my portfolio. Newborns are my passion. I absolutely love babies and have spent the last 8 years perfecting my craft; learning how to pose the […]

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Katie - These newborn images are just precious!! You can definitely tell you love your job. So incredibly gifted!

Emily - The little Harry Potter setup is so adorable! Great work and I bet the family loves it.

Christie Adams Design - Love your newborn work and you can tell that you have such a passion for it!

Madison Thomson - These images are just darling! The harry potter theme is too cute!

Christie - You can totally tell that you have your dream job!!

Newborn Photographer, Winchester Virginia

If the question is asked, who is the best newborn photographer Winchester Virginia, I would hope that Photography by Lindsay is a business that is thought of first. I’ve spent the last 9 years working with and learning how to understand newborns. This family was the absolute sweetest family ever. Mom has two boys and […]

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Kandi - Oh Lindsay, I think this is one of my all time favorite sessions! You have captured this family beautifully. Love your lighting and posing. Hands down the best photographer !!

Emily - I love these family portraits! What a wonderful gift for them and their baby girl.

Shannon Payne - What a beautiful baby girl! These poses and setups are just perfect.

Christie Adams Design - What wonderful variety you captured for this family!!!

Madison Thomson - Oh that smiling in the bed one is just too precious! Wonderful work!

JoAnna Robbins - What a perfect session! Each picture was even more beautiful than the last!