Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

Every time a new parent chooses me to photograph such a special time in their life, it really makes me smile. It’s not a task I take lightly. From working out the colors of the session, to the poses, and of course making sure that baby is safe and comfortable throughout the entire session, is really important to me. I want every client to feel welcomed, relaxed and really enjoy their time at my studio.

I love when mom or dad have special requests for their session. It really gives me the opportunity to use my creative side and come up with something that really captures what these new parents are looking for. This little lady’s session was no different. Mom requested a rainbow set up, so I designed something special just for this family to hopefully enjoy for years to come.

Miss P was a wonderful little sleeper and really didn’t seem to mind me posing her and dressing her. So I took full advantage of her being a heavy sleeper and was able to put together a few special set ups that mom had requested.

When you book your session with Photography by Lindsay, I will always do my very best to put together any special requests and to make sure that your experience is an easy going enjoyable one.

Here are a few of my favorite images from Miss P’s newborn session.


image of baby girl asleep on pink blanket taken by Leesburg VA baby photographer, Photography by Lindsay2 images of baby girl asleep in white wooden bowl wearing yellow romper.Newborn girl asleep on her tummy on a lace blanket while at photography by Lindsay studio.Newborn girl swaddled in pink knit wrap while at Photography by Lindsay studio.Rainbow set up with baby girl asleep on white cloud like prop by Leesburg VA baby Photographer.Newborn girl swaddled in cream lace and asleep on lace pillow while at Photography by Lindsay studio.2 images of baby girl asleep on pink blanket and wrapped in pink fabric while at Photography by Lindsay stuido. Newborn girl asleep in bucket with purple knit wrap and purple flowers around her.Newborn girl swaddled in cream knit wrap and wearing cream knit bear hat while at Photography by Lindsay studio.Close up of newborn girls face while sleeping on a pink blanket at Photography by Lindsay studio.

To view more of my recent work, please feel free to visit me on facebook. Thanks so much for stopping by!

N Wiening Photography LTD - Your babies always seems so comfortable, you can totally see you love what you do and and take your job seriously…this is why you over achieve time and time again. Gorgeous art!

Linda - Each image I decided was my favorite as I scrolled through this blog. Such a gift you had at creating a soft pallet of colors to showcase how tiny and perfect each baby is.

Shannon Payne - What a beautiful baby! Your setups are all so great, I don’t know how to pick a favorite. I love the rainbow you incorporated for mom, and baby girl looks so gorgeous in the pink blankets. Love these all!

Milana Photography - What a beautiful session! Love all of the gorgeous poses and props. You are incredibly talented!!!

Kandi Anderson - So many beautiful and timeless images captured for this family! Mom and dad are going to love every single one. Such a sweet and dainty little one.

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