Best Local Newborn Photographer

When looking for the best local newborn photographer in your area, it’s important to do a little research. You’re preparing to hand over your most precious gift to someone for 2-3 hours. This person will be holding, posing and basically caring for your little one.

While pricing is an important question, there are also a few other things to take into consideration when choosing a newborn photographer.


The first is experience. How experienced with newborns is your photographer? How many newborns has he/she photographed? Does your photographer specialize in newborn photography? These are important questions because experience is key when it comes to newborn photography. A photographer who’s photographed hundreds of babies and who specializes in this field knows exactly how to handle each little one that comes their way. They know the cues to look for when a baby is too hot or, cold. When a baby is hungry. They have worked with enough little ones to be able to read a newborns cues about particular poses the baby likes and dislikes. They can also tell when a baby needs more circulation with their feet and hands. All of these are important to not only keep your baby comfortable but, to keep your baby safe as well

Has your photographer had any training?

Newborn photography is a specialized field. It’s not just posing a family in a field and shooting. It involves a lot of time, care and prep work. A photographer who has had training in a specialized field is a great plus. A newborn photographer who’s had specialized training has worked with a master in their field. They’ve been taught and trained on how to create specific poses that keep the baby safe and comfortable at all times. They’ve been trained on what to look for in each pose, for example, keeping their spine straight, their heads supported, their feet and hands moving for circulation, their hips aligned correctly. All of these things are extremely important when it comes to newborn safety.

Does your photographer work with an assistant?

This one can be a bit tricky. While I am sure that there are photographer’s out there that don’t work with an assistant and do just fine. Having an assistant is extra precaution to keep these precious little ones especially safe. It also opens up the amount of poses a newborn photographer can do safely. While a photographer is looking at their camera for their settings or, the inspecting the image they just shot, who is watching the baby? While the photographer is stepping back to get a wide shot of your sweet little one in a prop, who is watching the baby? If your photographer has to run to grab a different hair tie or hat, who is watching the baby? Newborns have an unbelieve startle reflex. I’ve seen little ones that are sound asleep…out to the world lift their heads and throw themselves back out of nowhere because of this startle reflex. If I’m looking at my camera and this happens, it’s my assistant who will be there to hold the baby and ensure they’re safe. Some photographers use parents as spotter for their newborn sessions. While this is better than nothing, it’s really an added plus and measure of safety if you hire a photographer who works with an assistant. This person is trained to keep their focus on the baby at ALL times. They’re also experienced and trained to catch cues that a baby may be ready to startle or, move.

So, while finding the best local newborn photographer in your area who matches your style and is in your price range, is important. Your little ones safety is even more important. It’s a great idea to find a photographer who specializes in the newborn field, has a lot of experience under their belt, and works with an assistant.

I hope these tips are helpful to you when searching for the best local newborn photographer in your area!

Here are a few favorite images from a recent newborn session of mine. If you’d like more information on a newborn session, please feel free to contact me at

Newborn girl asleep on small wooden bed taken by best local newborn photographer, Photography by Lindsay.
Mom holding baby and dad and mom holding newborn baby at Photography by Lindsay studio.
Newborn asleep in dads lineman belt pocket while at Photography by Lindsay studio.
Newborn asleep in wooden bowl while wearing brown lace outfit at Photography by Lindsay studio.
Birds eye view of baby girl asleep on pink blanket while wearing floral romper.
Newborn girl asleep on grey blanket and holding stuffed bear while at Photography by Lindsay studio.
Newborn girl asleep in wooden box while swaddled in cream knit wrap and asleep at Photography by Lindsay studio.
Two images of newborn asleep on pink blanket and wearing floral romper while at Photography by Lindsay studio.

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